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Red River Cleaning Services is a full service cleaning contractor, serving (area served). We specialize in providing professional cleaning services to commercial building owners and managers.

Red River Cleaning and Remodeling will provide you with the standards of cleanliness that your building requires, at a price that makes sense. And price, while important, is only one of the factors that must be considered when choosing your cleaning contractor.

What can Red River Cleaning and Remodeling do for you?

1. Provide you with a clean, safe, and healthy environment for your customers and employees.

• Clean buildings project a first class image.
• Clean buildings improve the longevity of the building.
• Healthy buildings ensure a working environment free from contaminates.
• Healthy buildings provide a safer workplace and decrease the number of worker’s comp claims due to slip/fall accidents and the spread of viruses.
• Healthy buildings reduce the amount of sick time taken by employees working in the building.

2. Improve employee morale.

• Clean buildings are proven to increase employee productivity.
• Employees who work in a clean building are happier – and happy employees means reduced turnover.

3. Reduce costs and increase revenue.

• Clean buildings are less expensive to maintain.
• Clean buildings help to increase tenant satisfaction and reduce tenant turnover.
• Clean buildings ensure that property values will remain high because having a clean building improves the longevity of the building.

4. Offer you a full-service partnership for all your building maintenance needs.

• With our service, you’ll no longer have to worry about restroom and cleaning supplies and equipment, because we manage it all for you and provide our own supplies and equipment.

• We provide quick response to your needs and offer specialized cleaning services such as carpet spotting, carpet cleaning, hard floor care, window washing, and construction clean-up.

• Our operation is fully automated. We track sales and costs of each building in order to measure productivity and efficiency. We use a computerized Telephone Timekeeping System that allows us to accurately track each employee’s time and location and ensure proper coverage for each building. Our accounting system is also automated, ensuring accurate and timely billing.

• We believe our most important asset is our people – the success of our business depends on them. Our people are well-trained and well-supervised. New employees are thoroughly screened, including criminal history checks.

We believe that in order to achieve results for our customers, we need to keep our employees motivated to provide the best service available. Our employees are paid highly competitive wages; they participate in various incentive programs, and are rewarded for a job well done.

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